Your Liver Need Rescuing?…

We all know the ‘silly season’ is a time of year that we relax all our rules, we throw away our routines and we say who cares to our rituals. Over the holidays we inevitably laugh more, love more and have the most amazing time catching up with friends and family. We eat incredibly large meals, we snack in between and we enjoy those foods and drinks that are normally off limits. While it feels incredible to be free and just enjoy life without the stresses of work, the meal prep, the school runs or the extra commitments we manage throughout the year, it does take a toll by the end of the break. Many of us find we are weighing in at our ‘personal best’ and some question how we actually managed to consume what we did. There is one very important organ however that generally cops the largest impact as we celebrate our way into a new year. The liver.

Our livers are absolutely incredible organs, they are actually the largest internal organ in the body with the average adult liver weighing in at approximately three pounds. Our livers are separated into a right and left lobe with the right being much larger than the left. The liver is a spongy, wedge shape and is coloured a reddish brown and has hundreds of jobs…

Some of the most vital liver functions include;

  • Cleaning the toxins (harmful substances) out of the blood.
  • Getting rid of old red blood cells.
  • Making bile, a fluid that helps the body digest (break down) food.
  • Metabolise proteins, carbohydrates and fats so your body can use them.
  • Produce substances to help blood clot.
  • Regulate the amount of blood in the body.
  • Store glycogen (an energy source) and vitamins to be used by the body later.

The liver is responsible for processing all the blood that runs through our body, working hard to break down harmful substances, while creating, balancing and regulating day to day bodily functions. An unhealthy liver can lead to fatty liver disease, liver cancer, hepatitis A, B and C, hemochromatosis (too much iron), Wilson disease (too much copper) and many more.

The liver is such a hardworking organ and while it’s ability to react to damage and repair itself is remarkable, repetitive or prolonged insults to the liver can have dire consequences. So while the silly season is not a life and death matter, it is pretty rough on our poor liver and can take its toll on our overall health.

How to give your liver the love it needs;

The best way to bounce back after a big Chrissy break that has been loaded full of naughty foods and a little too much booze is to give your liver a much-needed dose of TLC. We recommend you gift your liver our Liver Rescue pack. The Liver Rescue Cleanse comprises one 150ml immunity shot that is taken first up every morning for the duration of the 3 day cleanse, which is followed by the 100% Premium Organic cold pressed celery juice. The Liver Rescue Smoothie is ideal for lunch and orange juice is supplied to sip on throughout the cleanse as is an organic herbal hibiscus tea that will aid in detoxification. The Liver Rescue Cleanse pack also includes a tongue scraper that should be used when first getting out of bed. The scraping of the tongue will remove bacteria more effectively than brushing or rinsing and will enhance your taste while promote overall oral and digestive health.

Order your Liver Cleanse Pack now and make it up to your largest internal organ that has been soldiering on for you over the break.

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