Bundle up with your next cleanse and save…


Those who have already experienced our Wholefood Haven juices know just how amazing you feel when you come fresh out of a 1, 3 or 5 day cleanse. Your body feels lighter, your system cleaner, your mood brighter and your overall wellbeing is boosted.

We have our Starter Cleanse pack for those inexperienced juicers looking to expand their horizons and support their health. Our Heavy Metals Detox and Liver Rescue options are for those more serious and experienced juicers that are working towards a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. While our Lymphatic and Immunity Reset option is exceptional for these cooler months where our immune systems are really put to the test. Or our Slim Down and Detox pack is excellent for those looking to kickstart their weight loss journey. These five juice cleanse options are amongst our most popular but, believe it or not, they just got even better!

We are now offering our ULTIMATE juice cleanse range that really takes our cleanses to the next level. The Ultimate packs now include the goodMix Blend 11 and Greens+Aloe which can keep you moving in the right direction once you complete your cleanse.

The Greens+Aloe is a simple, strong, clean greens powder with a therapeutic dose of Aloe Vera inner leaf gel. This miracle powder supports the guy, liver, energy, blood sugar, mood, metabolism, immunity, skin, hair, nails and circulation. The Greens+Aloe is specially formulated by a naturopath using only quality ingredients, no fillers, sweeteners or cheap fruit and veggie powders. Simply clean wholesome goodness for your body.

Team this up with the goodMix Blend 11 which is a low-carb, keto-friendly and low FODMAP mix suitable for those with coeliac disease and exceptional for managing IBS and bloating. Blend 11 is well-fermented by bowel microbes into beneficial short-chain fatty acid butyrate. This beautiful blend is 100% natural and vegan, offering organic wholefoods to feed and support healthy diversity in your gut microbiome. All you need is 1/3 cup daily as a nutritious breakfast or snack anytime. This super tasty blend is best if activated overnight so it offers the optimal nutrition and best results.

Our Ultimate Bundles include the Starter Cleanse, Heavy Metals Detox, Liver Rescue, Lymphatic & Immunity Reset or the Slim Down and Detox pack, however you can add Greens+Aloe or Blend 11 to any of your juice cleanse orders. We are offering a selection of goodMix products on the website including the Greens+Aloe, Blend 11, Blend 13, and the fun Burger Mix or Bliss Ball Mix. You can actually try the Bliss Ball Mix every Saturday at the Helensvale Farmers Markets at our Little Haven Food Trailer.

Enjoy this exciting range and take your juice cleanses to the next level with Wholefood Haven and goodMix.

If you want to try out any of our juice cleanses then SHOP NOW or we would love to see at the Helensvale Farmers Markets every Saturday!