Self care ???????

Do you give back to you so you can be there for others, giving the best version of you?

Here is a list of self love/nurturing activities that might help ?

Chose something off the list everyday. ✅ ?

  1. Buy fresh flowers
  2. Spring clean home or a room
  3. Organise workspace
  4. Take time out for one hour and relax/meditate.
  5. Wear your fav lipstick just because
  6. Make a list of fun activities – select one that jumps out at you
  7. Repeat the following mantra ‘ I love and accept myself’
  8. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself
  9. Each night before bed, write in your gratitude journal – this is ongoing
  10. Start the day with a 2 min meditation
  11. Treat yourself to something that doesn’t involve food
  12. Dress yourself in a nice outfit (even if you’re taking the bin out ?)
  13. Have a sleep in
  14. Dance around the house like no ones watching for at least 10 mins (get them to join in with you)
  15. Do something for yourself without guilt
  16. Set the mood while making dinner – candles lit, music on ? ?
  17. Buy something you’ve always wanted (even if online ?‍?)
  18. Practice the art of saying ‘no’.
  19. Be of service – volunteer, help a friend
  20. Give compliments to at least 5 people today
  21. Get your sweat on – move your body in a fun way
  22. Give yourself a Massage or facial
  23. Organise your fridge so it’s appealing and healthy.
  24. Say ‘ Im choosing this for my body because I love her/him’.
  25. Give yourself a massage with essential oils ?‍♀️
  26. Go for a long walk and breathe
  27. Do something different with your hair or makeup today
  28. Snuggle up with your four legged friend
  29. Eat in a place that feels good and calm – outside in garden
  30. Shut off your email and phone for an hour.

Enjoy the process and have fun, much love ? ?