A great day to self care and click the reset button for the week ahead ?

Stock your fridge with bright and healthy food that’s quick and easy to eat, or cook ?‍?

A couple of tips to make things easier…

  • Put produce into containers, line base with paper towel ?
  • Chop your veges so it’s easy to make a salad ?, snack on with a dip, or stir fry dinner ?
  • I love having plant based dips in the fridge as it adds to any dish! ?
  • Always have Medjool dates on hand as they can make an amazing dessert or sweet snack so quick!
  • Always have frozen bananas ? in the freezer! You can make a yummy smoothie or nice cream in minutes ?
  • Protein Bliss Balls are the bomb! Kids love them, big kids love them and they’re so good for you! I’ll add a recipe in the comments ? ?

Have a fabulous week and if you’re needing any recipes, I’m just a message away ? ?