Organic Celery Juice Only

$57.00 inc GST

Organic celery juice to start your day 1 x 600mls bottle every day (4 x 600ml bottles in pack)

Why a Celery Juice only pack?

You may have heard of ‘Medical Medium’ and the millions of people having amazing benefits from plain celery juice – first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. So many people have posted their before and after pics of clearer skin, brighter eyes, stronger bodies and renewed vitality. Celery is a food signature for the bones – looks like a bone, snaps like a bone and has the right amount of sodium which aligns with bones. Celery is actually a herb, so the healing properties are endless. The celery juice helps heal the gut by restoring the hydrochloric acid (HCL) which helps with better digestion. Some people feel benefits within days, and other might take a lot longer… it just depends what’s going to for you. If you’re not ready to do a juice fast, this option might be perfect for you to start incorporating simple health upgrades.


This pack is 4 x 600mls of straight organic celery and love going straight into your body.

(Great option for one juice each day to make 1 simple powerful health upgrade)

PS. All packs come with our WholeFood Haven Signature blend herbal tea.

Notes: Your juices are cold pressed with premium raw organic produce, and made with love. The cleanse juices come in reusable 600ml premium glass bottles with handles, to keep it fresh and convenient.


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