Immunity Shots

$48.00 inc GST


Wholefood Haven’s Immunity Shots are the best solution to boost and strengthen your immune system and prepare your body to fight off the nasty winter bugs. Start every day with a shot of our Immunity Booster which includes organic lemon, ginger and turmeric. Take the Immunity Booster as a shot or dilute with 500ml of filtered water as the first drink of the day.

The Immunity Shots is a 4 pack of 150ml shots to be used over 3 days.


  • All juices are made from premium raw, organic produce and made with love, served in reusable premium glass bottles with handles to keep it fresh and convenient. Ingredients listed in the description below.

Your package includes 4x 150ml Immunity Booster Shots


  • Organic lemon, ginger and turmeric 


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