Our Story

I am an empowered woman, mum, daughter, friend, leader, plant-based chef, and a lover of life!


Proud to be an empowered woman, a plant-based chef and a lover of life, I embrace each day as a gift and I am grateful for my family, friends and so there’s much more to list. Oh and yes I was named after the singing group ‘Captain and Teneille’ in the 60’s! My daughters Captain if you couldn’t tell.

My journey started out in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and boxing instructor in 2007, and from there my strong interest and passion in nutrition led me to more study.

I went on to becoming a raw food nutritionist, a plant-based chef and studied whole food medicine from some of the best leaders in the industry – Don Tolman, Tyler Tolman, and Chef Cynthia to name a few. I fell in love with food signatures and how they represent a part of the body.

After my own health challenges and journey, I knew that clean, whole-food eating with rituals was the way to go for optimum health, healing and digestion. I started first with juice fasting and loved how my body felt!

My back pain had decreased after trying so many things after having multiple disc protrusions, and I could feel the inflammation decreasing, so this just fired me up to learn more! I personally have done quite a few 7 day juice fasts, and a 21 day fast, so I understand the journey physically, spiritually and mentally.

My family has always loved cooking, being in the kitchen and growing produce. My late grandmother, who peacefully passed at 100, always had the yummiest vegetable soup, the kitchen smelt amazing, cooked meals food from scratch, and always told me to go swim in the ocean to help heal any bites or cuts. My late grandfather grew the best vegetables and taught me how to plant, grow and look after the produce.

It always fascinated me how nature just has the medicine you need.


If I’m not feeling 100%, I always ask myself ‘what would my grandparents have done?

Generally it’d be … get in the sunshine, eat well, drink more water, and rest. Surprisingly this is now part of the health principles we use.

I love cooking with raw foods to lift the energy and vibration levels, and taught in many raw food cooking classes which I’ve loved. I love creating yummy recipes and experimenting in the kitchen, I love shopping for food in farmers markets, trying new adventures, personal growth, going to the beach with my daughter and dogs, hanging out with my girlfriends and having a good laugh.

In 2019 I decided to share my love of health and good food, and bought a food trailer after a random day out with my daughter the idea just came to us. We called it ‘WholeFood Haven’ as it really encompasses who I am and my passions. I wanted people to have a healthy fun option when going out with the family, and also a bit of a venture with my daughter!

It’s been one of the best experiences and we’ve met some amazing people!

Come say “hi” at one of our events or farmers markets!


I’m in love with life and so grateful to be able to share and help you create better health!


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