Let’s talk ‘FARMacy’ for a second!

Did you know that oranges ? are amazing to help colds, flus, respiratory infections, fevers, and the immune system?!

? They act like a magnet to attract bad cholesterol and removes it from the body!
? Great source of energy (remember playing a sport and half time a parent/teacher would come out with a container of cut oranges!!)
? Helps with digestion and weight loss
? Helpful when you have a headache or neuralgia
? Boosts immune system with high levels of vit C ? Also high in vit A,B complex and folate)
? The zest of an orange can be used in cleaning giving your home a fresh smell
? Rich in potassium, so they help lower blood pressure.
? High in fibre and bioavailable

That’s just a few things I thought to share about the amazing orange ?

As most of you know I’m a WholeFood medicine lover, so I hope this information has helped you learn something so that you can use ‘farmacy’ to heal, not the ‘pharmacy’ and keep money in your pocket ? ???

Have an amazing day and have an orange ?