Did you have big goals for 2023, but ‘life’ has already gotten in the way?

If you started 2023 with some hefty health and exercise goals that have already fallen by the wayside, then you are not alone. In fact, research indicates that 80% of people ditch their new years resolutions by February. It is hard to stay motivated and often time real life doesn’t allow us to maintain such strict diets and rules when we are time poor or trying to maintain some resemblance of a social life.

That is why I am introducing my monthly subscription for the 100% Celery Juice Cleanse and the Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse. Both these cleanses are exceptional reminders for us to provide our bodies with the support we need and are a great reset for when we get caught up in ‘life’ and forget about that self-love and discipline. This is an opportunity to schedule that monthly self-care routine that just turns up and embraces you just when you need it!

The subscription deal allows you to sign up for a monthly cleanse to be automatically made by hand with love and delivered to you without you having to think about it. You will simply set and forget and then when your cleanse arrives each month you can get back on track with your diet, exercise, routine and healthy lifestyle. I am realistic about how hard it is to juggle work, kids, after school sports, meal prep, friends, family and by giving you a monthly reminder to nourish your body, love your body and heal your body, I feel it will take out the guilt, the stress and help you stay on course.

We are kicking off the cleanse subscriptions with two easy and super beneficial options, the 100% Celery Juice Cleanse and the Heavy Metals Detox Cleanse.


100% Celery Juice Subscription:

Celery Juice Cleanse

Sign up to the 100% Celery Juice cleanse and for at least one day per month you can be filling your body with vitamins A, B2, B6, C and K while boosting your potassium, manganese, folate, protein, fibre, beta carotene, flavonoids and antioxidants in a way that is low in sodium, GI and calories. This cleanse reduces inflammation, aids in healthy digestion, supports gut health while hydrating and alkalising the body.


100% Heavy Metal Detox Subscription:

Heavy Metal Detox

The Heavy Metal Detox option will be delivered right on time every month, reminding you to commit to your body for 3 days a month and give your system a real cleanse of all the nasties that we are exposed to every day. The Heavy Metal Detox boosts your liver function and helps rid your body of toxins that can cause headaches, abdominal pain and cramping, brain fog, insomnia and more. By having this cleanse scheduled, you can re-invigorate your body every month.



Whichever cleanse you choose, locking it in to experience a monthly will help you recharge your zest for your health goals and will give you a regular reminder that you are worth the time and you do deserve the best, even when life gets hectic. Do yourself a favour and sign up to a self-love and self-care subscription today and take our 3 month challenge! We challenge you to committing to loving yourself… stay on board for 3 months and  as a reward, we will give you your fourth month absolutely FREE valued at up to $172. Now if that doesn’t get your soul singing, I don’t know what will.

Take a look at our full Juice Cleanse range here!