Wholefood Haven have just the thing to IGNITE your immune system this winter…

The Wholefood Haven Pineapple Ignite is the best solution this winter when it comes to warding off the flu or fighting off coughs and colds. The Pineapple Ignite comprises two simple ingredients, pineapple and ginger. This dynamic duo combine to provide an essential and effective formula to keep those sore throats and sniffles at bay. Let’s take a look at how this power couple make you more prepared to take on those bugs this winter.

Firstly, pineapple is packed full of bromelain which is ONLY found in pineapples and is a unique enzyme that can help to boost your immunity and lower inflammation. Bromelain isn’t just good for those pesky winter bugs, it also helps you break down proteins making it more easily absorbed by the body. Alongside the powerful bromelain, pineapples are high in vitamin C which is also known to boost immunity and will help fight off those winter bugs. As if it wasn’t already good enough, pineapple also contains a high level of fibre, is bursting with water and prebiotics making it great for gut health, while the polyphenols found in pineapples give us glowing skin, the manganese and natural sugars will boost our overall vitality. To top it off, pineapples are also loaded with other vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, folate and potassium. It is this unique combination of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that make the foundation of our Pineapple Ignite just so effective.

Now we look at ginger. Also, miraculous in its contents, ginger is a nutrient powerhouse with vitamins including C, B, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. Ginger also contains minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorous. When consumed, ginger has been found to increase serotonin and dopamine levels, helping to reduce inflammation and offering benefits against depression and anxiety. Ginger is known to strengthen the immune system while also helping with digestion and is an excellent anti-fungal. Also supporting the metabolism, ginger has been used to aid weight loss and increase metabolism as it stabilises your blood sugar level.

When we make our Pineapple Ignite, we select only the best local produce that contains no nasties and is organically grown making this combination an absolute winner. Freshly cold pressed in our Gold Coast commercial kitchen, when you order our Pineapple Ignite, you can rest assured you are ordering a guilt-free, immune boosting, mood enhancing, delicious juice that will support your immune system during these colder months.

Order PINEAPPLE IGNITE now to fight off those winter coughs and cold naturally, while also making you feel good from the inside out!

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